The story of Quinto Corridoni

This is the story of Eleonora and Quinto Corridoni, two children that are raised with dreams and hopes, that grew up, became adult and have built their life and families basing them on important values.

A generation made of elegance and grace that characterises the present time through customs and traditions that are the true essence of everything they do.

There is still a strong memory and love left to grandson Giammarco (Trade House), who decided to turn his feelings into inspiration and to dedicate an entire product line in honour of the beloved grandparents. “Quinto Corridoni” - One of the most beautiful dedications of love.
Classic, pure and essential. These are the main characteristics of this brand that takes us back in time by resurfacing memories that are part of everyone's history.

Quinto Corridoni is the name given to the line of bags and accessories thought for cosmopolitan women and men. For those who are looking for classical, but at the same time modern elegance. Essential style that perfectly combines refinement and uniqueness.

High quality handicraft, in which every piece is pervaded by the “Made in Italy”-style. A collection where every detail has been carefully designed and through which it is possible to recognize the great value and the passion which have been handed down by a family that turned their passions into dreams. Dreams that have come true.